Water Quality

Water Testing

Our water undergoes more tests than required by federal regulations in order to ensure the best quality. Each year, ECUA collects thousands of water samples from hundreds of sampling stations to run analyses for bacteria, metals, radiological constituents and chemicals.

Learn more about the steps ECUA takes to ensure a high quality of water here

Water Treatment

ECUA customers typically receive their water from a well located closest to their residence. There are 28 ECUA wells located throughout the service area that are thoroughly monitored and adjusted in order to maintain water quality. ECUA also participates in Wellhead Protection Programs in order to minimize the threats from groundwater contamination.

Learn more about ECUA water treatment and wellhead protection practices here

Water Quality Regulations

Our water meets all federal and state quality standards and is tested more than federally required in order to ensure the best quality. To keep our customers informed, ECUA produces a yearly Water Quality Report that includes results from sampling and extensive information on where ECUA water comes from.

Learn more about ECUA water quality regulations here

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