Protector of the Environment

Protector of the Environment

Protector of the Environment Award

ECUA participates with local Food Service Establishments (FSEs) to promote and improve their environmental impact and to help create a positive, clean, and safe working and eating environment through the Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) and Backflow Programs.

The “Protector of the Environment” award recognizes commercial customers and/or FSEs' owners and managers who implement and enforce Kitchen Best Management practices to reduce the amount of FOG entering into the ECUA sewer lines. The program requires that FSEs must have installed a backflow device and be current with backflow testing guidelines. The award is presented quarterly to a local business that is in compliance with the ECUA FOG and Backflow established guidelines, participates in scheduled 90-day cleanliness inspections, has no FOG or Backflow violations, and no warnings within a one-year period.

Protector of the Environment Guidelines:

  • Businesses participate in scheduled inspections
  • Businesses train their employees on Best Management Practices
  • Businesses that have no FOG and Backflow Program violations or warnings within a one-year period are eligible to receive recognition
  • Businesses partner with the ECUA to eliminate sewer overflows, which could potentially result in expensive cleanup and repairs
  • Businesses with multi-locations are awarded the recognition at individual locations only
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