Environmentally Friendly Compost

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) began composting operations at the Central Water Reclamation Facility (CWRF) in March 2016. The ECUA Board approved this environmental program in December 2014.

The composting process combines ground-up yard waste (leaves, grass, pine straw, etc.) collected throughout the community, including the City of Pensacola, with biosolids to create an optimal blend of materials that generate a nutrient-rich final product, bloom - the most in bio-compost.

ECUA encourages customers to discontinue using plastic bags and consider utilizing compostable paper yard waste bags or reusable plastic cans designed for yard waste. Plastic bags don’t decompose and cannot be processed into environmentally friendly compost or mulch.

Get "blooming!"

Ready to enrich your soil? Schedule a hassle-free compost pick-up! Choose from 40 lb. bags at $4.25 each or bulk pick-up for $10.00 per cubic yard. No need to call-- just click the "Schedule a Compost Pick-Up" button above to get started. If you need to talk to someone, please call (850) 969-6606, Monday through Friday. Let's make your garden thrive!

Help ECUA to turn your yard waste into compost by using compostable paper bags! Paper yard waste bags can be found in home improvement centers, large retailers, through online sources, local garden centers, and select grocery stores.

Get ECUA's Compost Product

ECUA’s Emerald Coast bloom compost product is available in 40-lb. bags or as bulk pick-up by appointment only at the ECUA Compost Retail Facility located within our Ellyson Industrial Park campus.

ECUA Compost Retail Facility

9202 East Roe St. (Entrance at the corner of Roe and Potter St.) Pensacola, FL 32514

Please call (850) 969-6606, Monday through Friday, or fill out the form below, to schedule a pick-up appointment or for pricing information.

(850) 476-0480Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm
(850) 476-5110Emergency After Hours
or by writing to the ECUA at9255 Sturdevant Street Pensacola, FL 32514