Monday Oct 12th 2020

Update on ECUA Sanitation Collections in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties

ECUA Sanitation Collection in Escambia County

Between Monday, September 28, and Saturday, October 3, ECUA sanitation collection trucks collected 3,764.59 tons of garbage from our customers in Escambia County. The previous week, crews collected 3,745.49 tons of garbage. Overall in September 2020, ECUA crews collected a total of 9,927 tons of garbage compared to 5,675.96 tons of garbage collected in September 2019. Beginning the week of October 12:

Sanitation operations will return to normal in Escambia County. Garbage trucks will collect only garbage cans. Recycling trucks will collect recycling cans and deliver the recyclables to the MRF to be processed. If recycling loads are found to be too contaminated they will be disposed of in the Landfill.

Repairs to the Material Recycling Facility have progressed well and we are resuming processing operations with a “soft re-start” by processing recyclables collected by our ECUA sanitation crews. We urge our recycling customers to be mindful of what they place in the recycling cans and to check our website for the most current list of accepted items.

Yard trash trucks will resume picking up limbs and branches as well as bags or cans of yard trash. The yard trash crews will be directed to pick up only “green” limbs and branches, that appear to be freshly cut and are within normal ECUA yard trash collection limits. Any piles of “brown” limbs and branches are considered storm debris and will not be collected by ECUA crews.

Bulk waste collection trucks will resume the collection of bulk waste. However, the bulk waste crews will be directed not to pick up any items which appear to be storm debris. No building materials, carpet, fencing, or other storm-related debris will be collected.

ECUA Sanitation Collection in Santa Rosa County:

A reminder that in Santa Rosa County, residential sanitation collections have been back on normal schedule for garbage, recycling, and yard waste. Yard waste must be bundled per normal guidelines. Bulk Item collections are available for regular bulk items, NOT storm debris. Customers are asked to call Customer Service at 476-0480 to schedule a pick-up. Storm debris is being collected by Santa Rosa County. Please check their website for information.


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