Thursday Jan 28th 2021

SCAM Alert - Person(s) Claiming to be Contractors Working for ECUA

Our community's and employees' safety are our greatest priority. The ECUA has received a report of a person or persons in the area north of Ten Mile Rd. claiming to be contractors hired by ECUA to install energy-saving water meters. This is certainly a scam and an attempt to potentially obtain access to the resident’s home. Incidents such as this can often result in unlawful trespassing and theft.

ECUA urges all residents to be vigilant and aware and to never allow persons claiming to be an ECUA employee into their home. ECUA employees rarely enter customers’ homes, and if need be, will only enter upon a request from the customer. Usually, this is because ECUA is responding to a call initiated by the customer to our Customer Service Department. Also:

  • Most ECUA employees wear uniforms bearing the ECUA logo, and all ECUA employees have identification badges, which they will gladly present to you.
  • Many ECUA employees drive vehicles that bear the utility’s logo.
  • ECUA field employees are NOT authorized to collect payments at any time. Do not pay any persons claiming to be employees of the ECUA, saying that they have performed work on your property and need the payment for this “service.”

Do not hesitate to call the ECUA Customer Service line at 476-0480 to verify any claims made by persons asking for access to your home. Please close the door and let them wait outside while you do this. If it is after-hours, please call 476-5110.

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