Wednesday Aug 30th 2023

Pensacola Beach Reclaimed Water Main Project to Begin after Labor Day

ECUA is pleased to announce that the Pensacola Beach Reclaimed Water Main Project is moving forward and installation work on the $1.8M project will begin on September 6, after the Labor weekend and the heaviest months of the beach tourist season. ECUA’s contractor, Chavers Construction, will begin work to install a 16-inch distribution main and a 12-inch transmission main for reclaimed water, from Casino Beach to Avenida 10. As work progresses, select sections of the right-hand lane in the eastbound direction of Via de Luna will be closed to traffic (See map). The two mains will be will be adjacent and run parallel to the one another.

In 2011, ECUA introduced reclaimed water for the SRIA Reuse Irrigation system along Via de Luna. The end goal of this project is to provide reclaimed water to a wider customer base on Pensacola Beach for irrigation purposes. The reuse program conserves valuable drinking water and reduces the surface water discharge from the Pensacola Beach treatment plant to Pensacola Bay. In 2018, ECUA constructed a new ground storage tank through funding from the Northwest Florida Water Management District. The $947,000 grant allowed for the expansion of the ECUA’s reclaimed water system on Pensacola Beach with the addition of a 2.5-million-gallon storage tank. While awaiting funding and the construction of the reclaimed water main, the 2.5-million-gallon storage tank has been used as a storage tank for potable water. In 2020, an additional $4.2 Million Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) grant was awarded to ECUA to aid in the further expansion of the reclaimed water system to complete transmission and distribution pipelines identified in ECUA’s Reclaimed Water Master Plan.

This phase of the project is expected to take six months and be completed in early March before the Spring Break season begins. A second project to construct a transmission main from Casino Beach to the 2.5-million-gallon storage tank is planned to begin in late 2024.

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