Wednesday Nov 4th 2020

ECUA Water Line Relocation for Pensacola Bay Bridge Project Planned for November 10.

The ECUA is cooperating with SKANSKA, Pensacola Bay Bridge primary contractor, and its subcontractor, Talcon, Inc., to relocate a water main currently situated at the north end of the Pensacola Bay Bridge (at 17th Avenue), in order to facilitate the new bridge construction project. This water main is the primary source for delivery of potable water to Pensacola Beach as it crosses under Pensacola Bay and through Gulf Breeze. Preparations for this maneuver have already begun and will entail the temporary disconnection of water main to Pensacola Beach, scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 10, for approximately 14 hours, pending the successful completion of preliminary work by the bridge project’s contractor and sub-contractor. It is ECUA’s intention to help the private contractor make this operation as seamless as possible to our customers on Pensacola Beach. A similar operation was successfully completed in September 2018 to connect a new section of waterline near the new Pensacola Bay Bridge Project.

Customers should not experience any loss of water service. For the duration of the project, water supplied to Pensacola Beach customers will come from the ECUA’s four potable water ground storage tanks located at the south side of the toll plaza. After the water line is relocated, customers on the Beach will continue to be served from the stored supply in the ground storage tanks while routine bacteriological sampling is conducted for the new piping configuration. This process typically takes 2-3 days and is the same sampling method followed in 2018. ECUA staff will coordinate with the contractors to assure work is completed as quickly as possible.

Customers on Pensacola Beach can help to maximize the stored capacity of the ground storage tanks by voluntarily delaying certain water use activities such as irrigation, filling pools, and car washing beginning on Tuesday morning, November 10, and until ECUA obtains satisfactory confirmation of the bacteriological tests. In the event that the testing phase is prolonged by a few days and the need to issue a Precautionary Boil Water Notice -PBWN- arises, customers may wish to have some bottled water on hand for drinking and cooking purposes. Fire suppression capabilities will not be impacted.

Again, it is ECUA’s intent to do everything possible to complete this process without any disruption or inconvenience to our Pensacola Beach customers. We will monitor the contractor’s progress and will issue advisories as necessary.

Points of Contact:

ECUA: Bobby Rogers, Water Production, 850-969-3343

Nathalie Bowers, PIO, 850-637-3316; 850-969-3303

Skanska: Daniel Francis, 757-375-3960

Talcon: Randy Foxhall, 850-324-8379

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