Thursday Apr 16th 2020

Domino’s Pizza Recognizes ECUA Sanitation Staff

In response to this unprecedented time of uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many local business owners are going above and beyond to encourage and elevate the morale of first responders, including the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority’s (ECUA) sanitation staff members. One such business is the Domino’s Pizza store located at 3014 West Michigan Avenue, Pensacola, FL.

Keith Kyles, ECUA sanitation collections manager said, “Last week, I received a call from Brittany Silva, Domino’s Pizza general manager, asking if they could recognize our sanitation team and fleet mechanics with complimentary hot pizzas, acknowledging the staff’s dedication, long-hours, and commitment to keeping our community clean and safe.” Kyles continued, “At first, I thought this offer was a prank call seeing that this effort would entail feeding about 130 employees, but Ms. Silva assured me her proposition was genuine and something she and her staff really wanted to do.” Kyles added, “A little pizza goes a long way. It put a lot of smiles on faces around here. It made our team forget, for at least a little while, the long hours and the challenging work environment.”

As promised, on Thursday, Silva’s team from Domino’s Pizza appeared at the ECUA Sanitation complex. They delivered hot pizzas topped with smiles, and received plenty of “Cheers” in heartfelt appreciation. The pizzas were served in pre-packaged individual serving portions to allow the employees to observe safe distancing while enjoying the delicious treat.

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