May 17th 2021 5:30 pm

Sampling Efforts Completed at Bayou Marcus Creek and Perdido Bay

Update: 5-19-21 2:00 p.m.

All Day 4 sample results for Bayou Marcus Creek and Perdido Bay sampling locations are below the maximum allowable thresholds (MAT) and the Escambia County Department of Health has rescinded the Health Advisory for the area of Perdido Bay, South of Bayou Marcus Creek, which was issued on Friday, May 14. Sampling has now been discontinued at all locations.


Update: 5-18-21 2:20 p.m.

Day 3 sample results continue to be very encouraging and show a steady decline. The Perdido Bay north and south are at about the same levels and remain well below the maximum allowable thresholds (MAT) for Enterococci. The upstream creek location sample results remain below the MAT. The creek entry point shows a small uptick, which is not unusual and remains above the allowable level. The downstream sample result again shows a significant decline but is still above the MAT.

The final determination on the total volume spilled is 5,922,000 gallons, with 222,660 gallons recovered, for a net spill of 5,699,340 gallons (or about 5.7 million gallons).


A sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) occurred on May 13, 2021, at the ECUA Bayou Marcus Water Reclamation Facility located at 3050 Fayal Dr. The SSO was caused by a broken 30-inch diameter sewer pipe within the aforementioned facility. The partially treated wastewater flowed into the adjacent wetlands that lead to Bayou Marcus Creek and Perdido Bay. Repairs were completed Friday evening May 14, 2021, and the SSO ceased at that time. Additional pipe replacement is being reviewed and we will have more details on the timing of additional replacement as we progress in our planning efforts.

We began daily sampling on Saturday, May 15, 2021. In Bayou Marcus creek we are sampling for Escherichia coli (E. coli) using freshwater testing standards and in Perdido Bay for Enterococci, using marine testing standards. The Perdido Bay samples for Enterococci were taken north and south of the Bayou Marcus facility in Perdido Bay. The Perdido Bay sample results were below maximum allowable thresholds for Enterococci for both days. The upstream creek location sample results were also below maximum allowable thresholds for both days. The creek entry point and downstream sample results for both days were above the maximum allowable threshold but are declining rapidly.

Sampling will continue at all of the locations until allowable thresholds are reached for their respective parameters. Please see attached map for reference and sample locations. Please see the sample results in the table below.

Map of Sampling Locations
Sample Results

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