Aug 23rd 2023 1:30 pm

ECUA Board Approves FY24 Budget;

Faced with soaring operating costs and inflation, the ECUA Board approved a budget for their 2024 fiscal year Tuesday afternoon that strikes a balance between providing quality services and rising expenses.

At their regular monthly meeting, the Board unanimously approved a 9.5% increase on residential sanitation services, equal to a $2.15 increase on the current rate of $27.67, bringing the new rate to $29.82. With this rate, customers will retain the option of having one garbage can and one recycling can. However, a new option allows customers to choose a second trash can instead of a recycling can, for those who chose not to participate in recycling.

Recycling contamination has become an increasing challenge for many municipalities. Mr. J. Bruce Woody, ECUA executive director said, “ECUA remains committed to recycling, and this is truly a solution that allows for a solid continuation of our recycling program, while also addressing the recycling contamination problem by providing a choice to our customers.”

The new sanitation rate remains extremely competitive when compared to neighboring municipalities’ rates for like services. ECUA also offers a senior rate (60-gal. can) and a “Lifeline” rate for low-income seniors, as defined by federal guidelines.

To counter rising costs of energy, chemicals, construction and equipment, the Board also approved a 5% rate increase on water and sewer services, which equals a .59-cent increase on the base water rate, and a .14-cent per 1,000 gallons increase on the volume rate. The sewer base rate will increase by .76 cents and the volume rate increases by .42 cents.

The FY24 budget will take effect on Oct. 1, 2023.

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