Mar 25th 2022 4 pm

ECUA to Begin Sewer Cleaning & Inspection Project March 28

ECUA maintains sanitary sewer pipes and manholes, some of which are located within easements that cross private properties along Bayou Texar. ECUA has contracted Gulf Coast Underground (GCU) to perform routine cleaning and television inspection of this infrastructure over the next three to four months. This work is scheduled to start on Monday, March 28, 2022.

Homeowners in this area may see GCU trucks, equipment, and personnel working along the streets and in the back portions of the properties fronting Bayou Texar. GCU personnel will provide notice to homeowners prior to work being performed near their property, and may also contact homeowners to request permission to cross private property, in order to access these sewer pipes and manholes in back yards. The purpose of this work is to maintain the sewer collection system and determine if any repairs are necessary on these critical pipes and manholes. GCU and ECUA personnel have already begun placing door-hanger notifications and speaking to residents at properties along this route. An ECUA representative will be on-site with the contractor during most of the work.
The contractor will begin television inspection and sewer pipe cleaning in easements on the sewer near N. 12th Avenue, progressing south along Bayou Texar to E. Cervantes Street, until the work is complete. Properties located on the following streets are included in the project area:

  • Bayou Blvd.
  • Tanglewood Dr.
  • Menendez Dr.
  • Tennyson Pl.
  • El Cerrito Pl.
  • Gumwood Rd.
  • Woodbine Dr.
  • Severin Dr.
  • E. 34 St.
  • Seville Dr.
  • Villafane Dr.
  • E. Texar Dr.
  • Endor Rd.
  • Glamis Dr.
  • Banquos Ct.
  • Baquos Trl.
  • Hyde Park Rd.
  • Cove Rd.
  • E. Gonzalez St.

Map of Project Area

Project Manager: Tyler Stewart, Gulf Coast Underground (251-463-8160)


(850) 476-0480Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm
(850) 476-5110Emergency After Hours
or by writing to the ECUA at9255 Sturdevant Street Pensacola, FL 32514