Feb 15th 2021 12 am

Download the Recycle Coach App Today!

ECUA is excited to introduce the Recycle Coach app to its sanitation customers in Escambia County! This helpful app is designed to keep customers connected and engaged in the recycling process and we urge all our sanitation customers to download the smartphone app or access the web-app online through the ECUA website. The free app is downloadable from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store and provides fast, convenient recycling info right at your fingertips!

Equipped with the powerful “What Goes Where?” search engine on their website, Recycle Coach makes sorting waste and understanding collection requirements much easier.

“ECUA is thrilled to have Recycle Coach available as a tool we can use to stay connected with our customers. The web-app contains great information about our residential garbage, yard waste, and recycling services,” said Bruce Woody, ECUA’s Executive Director. “Subscribers will receive weekly calendar reminders related to their scheduled pickups and holiday schedule changes. Should a problem arise, they can use the Report-a-Problem feature to report a missed pickup or damaged cart and request a special service such as a Bulk Recycling Pick-up. The Recycle Coach app is not only a communication platform but an educational one as well. Articles on a wide variety of garbage and recycling topics are available on the Recycle Coach website’s Blog, Recyclepedia, and Resources sections. Learning is made all the more fun with the presence of the ‘Coachlings.’ These Recycle Coach original characters are cute creatures who demonstrate micro-moments of good recycling habits, teaching by example.”

ECUA Board Chairman, Ms. Lois Benson added, “We’re so excited to introduce another tool that will help further the positive steps we’ve made toward recycling in our community, and in fact, throughout the entire region. ECUA aims to increase the community’s recycling knowledge and elevate recycling in the local environmental conversation by making recycling simpler, engaging, and easy to navigate. We certainly hope that if you are an ECUA sanitation customer, you will give the app a try!”

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